If you are a beginner this site is the perfect place to start learning, go and check out our tab page which will get you to grips with how to read tab and visit our Top Ten Tips for guitar which will help to get your playing to the next level.

Acoustic or Electric

Whether you play the acoustic or electric guitar this site has been tailored to teach you every tip in the book to help improve your playing, regardless whether you are a complete novice or an expert there are still things that can be improved.

Still work in progress

The Tab page is completaly finished, and the top 10 tips page is close to being finished, if you have any ideas for the site please email me on:

What are You waiting for?

(You can never stop learning)


Thank you soooo much, this website turned me from a begginer who was afraid to play as it hurt my hands to a Grade 6 Rocker!!
Sarah Walsh Birmingham, UK
I thought I had learned all i need to learn up untill I found this. The Top 10 Tips page allowed me to progress further than I thought I could.Max Linter New York, USA
Love this! I can now impress my friends and family with my new skills!
Jane Doe Sidney, Australia
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